1950's Antique Wooden Snowskis, MINT! For Sale, Unmounted

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Suwe was an Austrian company founded by Sigmund (Siegmund) Werner probably in 1931.
Siegmund Werner seems to have been its founder and/or owner, and it is possible that the word ‘Suwe’ is a contraction of his name.
He specialized in metal products for sporting goods.
Their main line of business (at least, based on the many patents that they held) was apparently in ski bindings and other ski-related products.
It's likely these skis (the late '50s?) were made for him by an actual ski factory.
Excellent skis with lacquered bases, the top skin is a high-quality veneer.
Extremely difficult to find in an unmounted condition.
The term "Hurricane" is very much a North American or at least Caribbean word derived from the Carib god of evil -- elsewhere the term is cyclone or typhoon -- 
and suggests a ski built for the North American market.
Sources in the bicycle business point out that there's no record of Suwe manufacturing during the war years 1939-1947 and that Werner, 
who may have been Jewish, spent those years in Canada during this 
period to escape from Naziism.(there are some Canadian patents in his name).
The ski is not marked as an Austrian product, it may, in fact, have been manufactured in Canada.
There is no evidence of the company's existence after about 1969.
Intriguingly, a Google search brings up an advert in the Canadian Jewish Chronicle from April 7th 1944, placed by Siegmund Werner Limited, 
a manufacturer of ski equipment, possibly based in Ottawa.
It is, of course, equally possible that the Canadian company is unrelated to the Austrian company in any way.
I did find a number of WWII military items associated with the Siegmund Werner Co. tag.


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