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Why #LongSkisTruck is the preferred choice when shopping for:
...rare, vintage, retro, classic, antique, wooden, fiberglass, metal, long, straight, new, used, collectible, memorabilia, investment worthy, museum quality snow skis...
Because We Have "The Beef"!
We have the largest supply of rare, vintage, retro, classic, antique, wooden, fiberglass, metal, long, straight, new & used, collectible, memorabilia, investment, museum quality snow skis online.
Remember this: The entry level into the vintage snow ski market is getting more expensive with each passing day.
Around the world every day classic snow skis are getting pitched into the dumpster, never to be seen again. The survivors will become the "muscle skis" of the ski industry, much akin to the "muscle cars" in the auto industry.
The time to invest in high-end, vintage ski equipment is now.
This investment opportunity happened in the high-end, vintage hi-fi market, vintage putters in the golf club market, in each market prices have skyrocketed the past few decades.
Picture unmounted skis like a pair of Strato 102's, ST 650's, Coupe De Monde's and Dynamic VR17's selling for in the thousand's over the next 20-30 years.
They will become collectible by sheer lack of supply.
These items will never be made again and are a part of an bygone era.
Plus, they look cool as hell in your digs & we have what you've been looking for.
Customer service is a priority. Long Skis Truck offers a 30-day money back guarantee. We do our very best to have your products shipped within 24 hours of placing an order.
We are skiers working diligently to provide unique, authentic, ski related products that you can give as Gifts, use in your Home & Office Decor, or add to your Collection.