FOUND: The Rarest Snow Skis? Undrilled Pair Of Vintage 207cm Dynamic VR-17 For Sale

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The Rarest Alpine Downhill Snow Skis On Earth?

Being an avid collector of rare snow skis has lead me to some interesting places, along with meeting some interesting people.

The latest was a gentleman from CT, he purchased this brand new, un-drilled, never mounted pair of DYNAMIC's in 1974, his intent was to use them in case his other pair broke.

They never did, and he never drilled this pair.

This is most likely the only pair of unmounted vintage early 1970's Dynamic VR17's left on the planet, this is your chance to own a "true collector ski".

The price of these skis will only increase as time goes by, imagine the price of these skis in another 43 years!

These gems will only be sold once and then they will be shipped to an unknown investor, they may never see the light of day again!

If you have the funds, these are the skis for you!

Dynamic VR17 Skis FOR SALE: Never Drilled - NEW:

Check out the history of the Dynamic VR17; Click Here:



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