Dynastar G9 Brand New Never Drilled 203 cm with Factory Power Drive Race Plate

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Model Year 1998

Still in factory wrapping!

Gold Medal Winner Ski Magazine:Oct 1998

When Deborah Campagnoni won the 1997 World Championships giant slalom in Sestriere, Italy, she cheated. She used those fat-tipped, skinny-waisted shaped skis that people use when they can't finish a turn on their own. Winter training wheels. Cheater skis.

For all of you who grew up believing that race skis have to look like rulers, we have this message: Times have changed. Shaped, giant slalom race skis—what we call Race Shapes—are here to stay. "Every race brand is now well down this road," says Tait Wardlaw, product manager for Dynastar. "This coming year, very few of our World Cup racers will be on anything but shaped GS skis, and every one of our American skiers will be on them." One note: Just because these Race Shapes are easier to turn doesn't mean you're allowed to sleep at the wheel. As Felix McGrath explains, "Because they react so quickly, they require even better timing." Hungry for speed? Look no further.

Dynastar Coupe G9 Power Drive (182-209 cm; $695)—Tons of energy, tons of rebound.