Used Wolf Ski Company Black Smoke 190 cm Snow Ski For Sale

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Wolf brand Black Smoke down hill skis.

These were made in Austria but designed by the Wolf Ski Company in Ketchum, Idaho (right next to Sun Valley) and were top-of-the-line skis back in the day. They qualify as "vintage" but they are still great skis - stable and fast. The length is 195cm and the approximate widths (in mm) are 88 tip - 64 waist - 77 tail. They are great for carving turns and can handle any snow conditions.

The skis are black in color with silvery "Black Smoke", light blue "Ketchum", and yellow to white "Wolf" lettering. The graphics alone are worth having or if you have a connection to the Sun Valley area, they are a great piece of history. The skies are in great condition - just some minor scratches but nothing major (the white blotches you see in the pictures are from wax residue). These were mounted twice so there are screw holes.

..."Wolf Ski is an anomaly in the modern mega-corporation world of the skiing business, in which a decreasing number of large corporations exercise an increasing control over all aspects of the ski world.

Mike Brunetto created a different method of making skis with a different shape and he did it in Ketchum, Idaho, where he made his first 100 or so pair of skis in a one-car garage and as long as he made them, one pair at a time, I passed up all other skis on the market because his worked so well in so many different snow conditions.

Brunetto says he likes his business "small, personal and individualized."

His reputation is that of being among the best, most respected ski designers/manufacturers in the world. He knows what he is doing, and good skiers seek out his skis.

If Brunetto were a corporate kind of guy, he could be earning a respectable salary from any number of ski companies and living in any number of places besides the Wood River Valley. But Brunetto is his own man-- independent, eccentric, an experimenter.

He still believes in doing business with a smile and a handshake, and, as mentioned, he’s still experimenting to see if such a philosophy will work in today’s world of ski business."...