The Rarest Of Finds! Classic DYNAMIC VR17 Vintage Race Skis For Sale! 207cm

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One of "The Baddest" skis ever made

DYNAMIC VR17 Snow Skis:



Serial # 189109

Flex Stiffness Stamp: 49-48



Hands Down,

THE BEST Vintage Snow Ski for collectability:



Think 1967 Big Block Chevrolet Corvette.
Today, the DYNAMIC VR17 is to ski collectors what major muscle cars are to car collectors.
Imagine this "ski" as the "car" that was put into storage 43 years ago by your neighbors grandfather and covered in 1974.
This pair of Dynamic VR17's was purchased in Vermont in the fall of 1974 from the Peter Glenn Ski Shop.
The owner put summer wax on them that fall of 1974 and has stored them in wrapping ever since.
This "one of a kind" offering will be sold to the collector who has the deepest pockets!
Check out the history of the Dynamic VR17; Click Here: