Vintage Snow Ski 1986 K2 Super G SGS-TEAM 212cm Man Cave One Of A Kind BadAss!

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Either the K2 710-FO or K2 810-FO will be a great addition to your collection, another to consider is this


A personal "go to" bump ski


In my opinion, way cooler than any other K2 snow ski.

It is not as well recognized or remembered as many other K2 skis, but it is one of K2's "TOP DOGS"


212cm of BadA$$-Wamma-Jamma


Straight out of the "K2 Race Room"

Serial# 212R 80329


White with bold blue graphics and red highlights


Equipped with Salomons 2-3rd generation DerbyFlex Raceplate

It accepts the Salomon Driver Race-Binding, I used the yellow version, it looked great


This pair of skis is built with a wet fiberglass wrap, wood-core, torsion-box construction


A similar construction was made famous by Jean-Claude Killy & the  DYNAMIC VR17 snow ski in the Olympics


The SGS-TEAM has two layers of metal, similar to the VR17 version that Killy used to win the downhill races  


The metal layers strengthen and also dampen them nicely  


Truly an all mountain ripper, when tuned with a sharp, 90-degree, tip to the tail edge they really shine in the bumps!


A Very good used condition pair of vintage 1986 K2's, 'a rare "bada$$" snow ski'. Edges need surface rust knocked off with a sharpening/tune, bases are good, need wax.