Vintage Snow Skis, New, Un-drilled: 'Ebony & Ivory'! HEAD Vector 210cm & NISHIZAWA Attila HAWK 210cm

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Museum Quality

Vintage Snow Skis For Sale:

Extremely Rare

Brand New, Never Drilled:


"♠Ebony and Ivory☺"

This ski pairing includes two rare, un-drilled, never mounted snow skis, which provide an excellent conversation piece, perfect for the high-end, luxury, mountain home.

Excellent wall decor for log cabins, exclusive winter ski lodges and other destination resorts frequented by affluent and Hyper-wealthy clientele.

Introducing the snow skis:

HEAD Vector 210cm

Serial #: 210B 16999



Serial #: 3750

Both of these skis are extremely rare, and to find them in an un-drilled condition is practically unheard of.

Both the HEAD Vectors and the NISHIZAWA Attila HAWK snow skis are circa 1960's

The skis play off each other's opposite coloration beautifully, 

....."like keys on a grand piano".....

The ebony black HEAD Vector's and the ivory white NISHIZAWA Attila's are something to behold when held, viewed and compared to side by side.  

Each ski represents the epitome of quality, construction & craftsmanship from their respective factories.

The HEAD Vector snow ski is a wood core, metal reinforced, sandwich construction, which was made world famous by Howard Head himself.  The NVector snow skis have a rare graphite base with excellent edges, the top-sheet is immaculate.

The NISHIZAWA Attila HAWK snow ski is a wood core construction, most likely a torsion box, similar to the famous Olympic champion DYNAMIC VR17, K2 Four, K2 710 FO and K2 KVC snow skis. The ski has a laminate epoxy adhesive finish, the highly desired Japanese 'Poly-Tex' base material, add screw in edges and you have a fabulous piece of art deco artwork.